Spontaneity propels my process. I often start with
words and swathes of delicious color. The words
are eventually partially obscured by figures, faces,
line, landscape. I form an alliance with my
materials, be they acrylics, oils, watercolor, collage
elements, to express the mystery of connection
between interior and exterior. My paintings play
with space that alternates between surface and
three dimensions, between imagination and

With an unconscious wish for a dialogue between
my work and the observer of the piece, I paint
freely, imagery that seems to emerge as the work
progresses. I surprise and beckon myself into the
piece as I sprinkle my abstractions with the in and
out of broken line and space to further the illusion
of falling into a new world.

Creating these works is for me an artistic-spiritual
betrothal. As for all people who want to give
meaning to life by working creatively or intimately
with the raw materials at hand, making art is a
merging that joins worker, work, and observer in a
new reality that transcends the everyday and
escorts us into an inexplicable realm. It is that
realm that I express in my art.